Kiev Moscow at Les Nuits en Or

Thank you to César Academy for selecting our film “Kiev Moscow” for Les Nuits en Or  as one of the 33 best short films from around the world awarded by the National Film Academies April 2016-April 2017. The films will be screened in Brussels, Luxembourg, Lisbon, Stockholm, Madrid, Athens, Rome, Vienna, Stockholm, and Paris from May 29 till July 22. Les Nuits en Or includes the tour of the directors to Rome, Athens, and Paris, ending with Paris screening Q&A on the 13th of June.

"Kiev Moscow" in competition at LA Film Festival

Thrilled to announce that "Kiev Moscow" is selected for the international competition at LA Film Festival and will have its North American premiere in Los Angeles this June!

Screening times and venues:

  • 18.06 15:15 Culver City Arclight (Shorts Program 5)

  • 21.06 19:30 Culver City Arclight (Shorts Program 5)

Article at Filmovy Prehled

Grateful to Jan Křipač and Filmovy Prehled for the article and kind words.

Lyubynetska is once again creating a formally loose yet dense narrative, which allows viewers to sense the latent tension between the two antagonist nations and the simultaneous growing affection between the main protagonists from hints, ellipsis and fragmentary dialogues. Another typical trait of her work is that fiction is interwoven with the everyday reality of today’s Kiev captured documentary-style.