A short fiction film about life in Kyiv for young woman Renata, in the context of the current war. A story explores the tensions caused by war and how they effect daily lives of citizens. 


Ukraine/ Czech Republic, 2016   24 min.   Fiction.   Russian/ Ukrainian   Director/ Scriptwriter: Anna Lyubynetska 

Director of Photography: Filip Rejč   Editor: Darja Chernjak   Sound Editor: Vojtěch Zavadil  

Producer: Emma Piper-Burket   Production Manager: Míla Bednářová   Cast: Elena Vatrushkina, Sasha Stelchenko


29th Bamberger Kurzfilmtage. Focus Ukraine (Germany. January, 2019)

30 Festival Premiers Plans. Competition. (France. January, 2018)

46 Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival. Competition. (Ukraine. October, 2017)

10 Wiz-Art Lviv International Short Film Festival. Competition. Special Mention of the Jury. (Ukraine. October, 2017)

22 Milano Film Festival. Competition. (Italy. September, 2017)

9 Ostrava Kamera Oko Film festival. (Czech Republic. September, 2017)

24 LA Film Festival. Competition. (USA,LA. June, 2017)

6 Kyiv International Short Film Festival. Competition. Special Mention; Audience Award (Ukraine. April, 2017)

29 Filmfest Dresden. Screening within Visegrád in Shorts(s) forum. (Germany. April, 2017)

30 Finale Plzen. Screening within At the source section. (Czech Republic. April, 2017)

24 Czech Lion Awards of Czech Film and Television Academy. Magnesia Award for Best Student Film 2016 (Czech Republic. March, 2017)


Working neighborhood of Kyiv. Kateryna and her mother are preparing for a rare occasion - a visit of important guests.


Czech Republic, 2014   17 min.   Fiction.   Ukrainian   Director/ Scriptwriter/ Producer: Anna Lyubynetska  

Director of Photography: Vladimir Dimoski   Editor: Anna Lyubynetska   Sound Editor: Rami Ouzon  

Production Designer: Eleni Podara   Cast: Lyudmyla Ivanytska, Marta Shandorova


International short film festival in Drama. Competition. (Greece, 2014)

FAMUfest. Competition. (Czech Republic, 2014)

Camera OKO cinematography film festival. (Czech Republic, 2016)


A documentary experience reflecting on the inner state of mind of one who lived in between peaceful city of Prague and Kyiv, on the threshold of revolution.


Czech Republic/ Ukraine, 2014   7 min.   Documentary/Experimental.   English/ Ukrainian


Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival. (Czech Republic, 2014)

FAMUfest. (Czech Republic, 2014)


Љубов / LOVE

Little Zana is living in a cozy childhood world, but everything changes when her mother's dream comes true.


Czech RepubliC, 2013   7 min.   Fiction.   Macedonian / Czech   Director/ Scriptwriter/ Producer: Anna Lyubynetska 

Director of Photography: Vladimir Dimoski   Editor: Anna Lyubynetska   Sound Editor: Rami Ouzon   

Cast: Verica Nedeska - Trajkova, Zana Trajkova